Jun 24, 2011

Action HELP

Ok Now I am really getting upset. I REALLY want to use action!!!!! I found this Video.

I just do not know how to extract the action. I have this one...CoffeeShop Sunny Pop

But it is not working gosh I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!

ANY HELP would be nice. I literally need some one to do this for me!!!!


Ashley Sisk said...


Try this website.

SKC said...

Sorry cannot help do not use elements but photoshop and installing actions is rather easy on that.

Michelle said...

hehe. I totally just found that same post that Ashley shared to send to you.

You're doing to download a zip file from Coffeeshop or most other places. To extract the file from the zip file, you're going to right-click on the zip file and click on "Extract" or "Extract all" It will ask you where you want to save it (usually in the same folder you're currently in) and then click the "extract" button. Windows will do it's thing, then you double click on the new unzipped folder and find the action. :) Then, copy and past the action (atn) and the thumbnail (png) to the correct folder. :) Coffeeshop's actions will go in the photo effects folder. Sometimes you'll find an action that's meant to go in the action player, and they'll usually provide instructions to find the correct Action folder to past their action in. :)

Hope that helps!!!


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