May 4, 2011

Wild Horses/ shoot

Well maybe not exactly wild, I was further west and of course a great place to spot these guys.
This property I think is owned by the man who invented Gumby? Remember? That twisty figure.

Well I drove around and had fun seeing these horses, they have a great location. So I was snapping away and a lady comes out, of course I asked if I could take some shots,( after I already had a few) she said she did not want me to, that others come by and they are trying to not have people take pictures of their horses. Oh well, my bad.. I did get some neat shots though. Next time I know not to go there. I will have to find another place that has horses in wide open spaces like this.
Here are a few.

Of course I can not just show one.. I have to show them all, enjoy. All are SOOC, I just did play with the vibrance in camera Raw, so I guess technically they are edited.

There are two horses in this shot.

About five horses total.

 Wide open spaces they had to roam.

A fence was between us but gosh these guys were tall and could have jumped the fence with ease, so I stayed my distace.

This one was the only paint in the bunch.

See how tall this one is compared to the fence?

So powerfully gracefull they are

Here is one of many houses on the property, and new ones are going to be built.

  Well I did take many more but that is all for now.

On to shoot and edit...WoW.

Here is the SOOC..

And my edit I did not do much for I did not know how to improve this... So I worked with the levels, and contrast, and added a texture.

Have a great Thursday Everyone.


Chesney said...

You captured the grace and beauty in all of these horses!

Linda Makiej said...

Wonderful photo work here!!
Your horse shots are stunning!

Ashley Sisk said...

Those horses are beautiful - nice job with your edit.

SKC said...

Gorgeous shots of the horses Wonderful edit.

Cedar said...

All lovely! My favorite is the second to last horse shot.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous horse photos. Love your edit too. Looks great!

Michelle said...

Beautiful horse shots! Amazing! Wonder what the deal was, but hey, it's their horses! :) I may not want people taking pics of my Storm, either! hehe!

Nice job on the edit, although, I think I like the sooc better -- but hey, that's just me! :) said...

Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful images of the horses.


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