May 23, 2011

Macro Time

Well we had some stroms yesterday. Please pray for those who were effected by a tornado in the North Minneopolise area yesterday. Major loss.

And for those in Joplin MO.

I have been playing around with macro, here is a shot of a flowers I took.

Joining Lisa



Ashley Sisk said...

Very pretty.

Tasha said...

Beautiful. Love the color!

SKC said...

Wonderful macro.

Kim, USA said...

Fantastic macro shot! My thoughts and prayers goes to the people who are affected by the tornado. I saw the news yesterday and I couldn't believe it, the whole town just goes flat. Thanks for sharing!

Yellow Bird

Chesney said...

Absolutely stunning!

My prayers go out to all the victims in the recent tornadoes. My good friend lives in Joplin and lost her garage - but her house was still standing (and the houses on both sides of her were totaled)! said...

Fabulous details Liz!

Michelle said...

Amen! God, please take care of us!!

Awesome details in this macro shot, Liz!!


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