May 16, 2011

First Shot

I went to the Arboreedom today. Beautiful sunny day it has been.
This is the first shot I took. I had had my setting on AV at ISO200, F22 , 1/500.
This came out so rich. I quickly was going to change it back to manual, but before I did I set these setting in manual and got the same result. Fancy that. I usually do shoot in manual. But now am playing with AV, TV  modes.

I took tons as always but I will share just this one for now. These guys had their babies with them. So stayed tuned.


Ashley Sisk said...

Geese are everywhere right now - great capture.

Judy said...

Very nice shot! Rich indeed!


Michelle said...

I love seeing how they take care of their babies!! I'll have to visit the lake down the road and see if they got any babies showing up!

Michelle said...

Oh, and good for you for experimenting in manual... and learning how things work! :)

SKC said...

Wonderful shot.

Chesney said...

Love the natural colors in this...the greens are a great backdrop to these beautiful geese!


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