May 24, 2011

Early In The Morning

Have you ever swallowed a cough drop? Well I did at 4am. It is not your average cough drop. It is like a hard gummie bear texture. Good thing I did not choke. Good grief, scared was I. But by now I think it has disolved. I called a nurse hot line and she said I was going to be fine, just drink lots of water. Which I have been. Do you think I am going to eat these kind of cough drops again? Not for a long time.

Anyway here is a mini water fall shot I took.

Maybe I can will this drop to disolve faster.

Then for Texture Tuesday

Happy Tuesday To You!!!



Linda Makiej said...

Terrific texture work!!

Tricia said...

Perfectly captured... beautiful colors, too! =)

Kristy said...

Beautiful texture and warm hues. Thanks for joining us in the Texture Twist!!

leavesnbloom said...

Great texture Liz. Sone day when I get a little more time for blogging I would love to join in with Kim's meme.

Henrietta said...

OMG I love your tulip shot and edit. It comes out of the screen it is so full filled colored, absolutely fantastic:)

lisa said...

Such beautiful photographs Liz, and so glad you are okay. A scary experience, I am sure.


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