May 3, 2011

Almost Time

I can feel it, the time is coming.
The time to plant flowers!!!!! So excited I am. To have color around once again.

It is so nice to see thing in bloom, this is ground cover phlox, one of many colors it comes in.

What does your garden hold?

And to my suprize a magnolia tree is blooming.. Oh happy day.

These are SOOC except for clean edit.

Oh the joys to have pinks around me.

I am excited my church this Saturday will be having a service day and I was asked to come along and be one of four photographers. It is volunteer but hey I need all the practice I can get and it is for a very good cause. So I will share when I have them. Wish me luck.

Lovely Photo


Em said...

Gorgeous! I think I'm just as excited as you! I want something to take photos of!

Ashley Sisk said...

THat looks really beautiful.

Chesney said...

You don't need luck, you will nail each and every picture! :)

Magnolias are a favorite of mine...what gorgeous buds and blooms!

Jane said...

Lovely photos of your magnolia tree but my favorite is the first shot, just lovely. I am sure you will have fun and take some wonderful photos on Sunday.

Sheri said...

Wow gorgeous! I really want a magnolia. Like REALLY. Or a tulip tree. (Which is a magnolia isn't it?) Anyway, love these!

SKC said...

Beautiful images.

Tasha said...

I love spring blossoms. Beautiful pictures!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

love these!! thanks for joining in WW :)

Z Joya said...



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