Apr 25, 2011


So to end a wonderful day yesterday I went out to take some shots, like 168 of the sunset. Most of them turned out, I did little edits to each of these, just upped contrast ,clarity, luminous, sharped, and cropped( my lens had a water spot on it and it should up on most of the shots, but was able to fix.

So here we go...

This one came out very nice, look at those sun flares/ arms

 Here is another shot with . Not as strong.

This one looks like jewels on the water.

 Another angle.

I was playing around with settings, I can not remember
what settings I used for this I switched alot to TV/AV modes as well. But for the most part this is SOOC with clean edit as like above. These weed were in front and it took awhile for the camera to focus on those before the sun. This is my favorite.

Then I spotted a a person kayaking

Just paddleing away so peacefully.

The sun getting lower, this does go fast, so got got as many as I could.

Then the final shot.

What a great way to end Easter / Resurrection Sunday!!




Miranda said...

My favorite is the same as yours, but I love them all! That's a BEAUTIFUL sunset!


SKC said...

Beautiful sunset images.

Bella Skye said...

Wow those are beautiful! Love the angles!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! Love sunsets so very much. Thanks so much for linking up with me today!

amatterofhowyouseeit.com said...

Beautiful light in these images.

Michelle said...

Wow! Peaceful and beautiful! Almost feel like I'm there, hearing the birds and frogs singing. Wonderful!! And look at you go, girl, getting that flare! hehe! :)

lisa said...

Beautiful series Liz.
Each so wonderfully done.
I hope you had a blessed Easter.

leavesnbloom said...

I seriously wish I had been there to capture those beautiful moments aswell. That sun flare is fab.

Miranda said...

Thank you very much! :)


Ray said...

Beautiful shots! Love the first one!
Thanks for linking up!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Rocking this sunset thing! beautiful


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