Apr 4, 2011

Sophie Pretty Dog

I am excited!!!! I just got my new lens in the mail. A 50 F1.8mm Fun stuff.

I am housesitting Sophie, here is a shot of her edited with the Lomo effect.

And a new effect I am learning.. High keys

I am having fun playing and learning.

I had to add this one.. SOOC. Can you believe she got three tennis balls in her mouth?


MarieElizabeth said...

Hooray for a new lens! Love the three tennis ball shot - fabulous.

Julia said...

Haha! That last one made me laugh. :D

Congratulation on getting a new lens- I'm sure you'll have fun with it!


Chesney said...

I am in love w/ that last picture...it is the cutest! You gave me my smile for the morning (even before my coffee)! :)

Mary Anne Morgan said...

The last one is amazing!:) Love it!

SKC said...

3 tennis balls is funny stuff. Great shots.

Ray said...

haha The last shot is great! Love the lighting in the second shot!


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