Apr 18, 2011

Shoot and Edit Easter

I really do not have anything that resembles Easter at the moment.
I remembered I took some shots awhile ago and these being white do remind me of this Easter week.

Joining Jill today


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Beautiful orchids. Always a winner. :)

SKC said...

Lovely orchids.

Cedar said...

Very pretty!

Judy said...


Very pretty! Nice choice to represent Easter week.


lisa said...

These orchids are just lovely Liz!
Wonderful composition.

mommy of Five said...

beautiful SOOC can't wait to see what you do with it!

Allison Hoffman said...

beautiful - I love orchids!! I always used to have them as indoor plants until I got married, my husband never let me keep the house warm enough :)

Michelle said...

I love orchids! I went to a "orchid show" at the MO Botanical Gardens a while back and the amazing smell that hits you when you walk in the room... breathtaking!

White flowers are a good representative of Easter. :) The front flowers look kinda blown out, (but I'm having problems w/ my computer, so it might just be me!) so maybe you might be able to bring back some of the detail there... otherwise, it's a nice shot!

jillconyers said...

Beautiful shot. Looking forward to seeing your edit.

Ashley Sisk said...

Really pretty - and thanks for your comment. She's actually a rag doll cat. :)


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