Apr 3, 2011

Scripture and A Snapshot


On my walk I took this of many captures. I was trying to find the right verse for it. So I loked up electrisity. This verse came to mind because the law is like that, it makes a spark for us to want to heed the Lords commands.


SKC said...

Wonderful work. Happy Sunday.

mountain mama said...

great shot!

Chesney said...

I love the depth and reflections in this image...so perfect for the verse.

Casey Martinez said...

i like your electricity and spark analogy to heed to the law of the Lord. Awesome!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great capture.

Dorie said...

A thought provoking way to illustrate the verse.
Great photograph.

Zondra Art said...

Great work!!!
Happy new week:)

Christine said...

What a neat way to tie in a typical sight (for me, anyway!) to Scripture. Thank you for sharing!


Diana said...

love it!...Have a Blessed week.


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