Apr 15, 2011

Mix Match

I have not taken any new shots in the last couple of days, the weather here is not pretty. And everything just looks blah. But these are from my walk the other day by the river with my friend.

An abondon bridge that is not in use any more.

I like the curve of this shot and was trying to get the reflection of the clouds in the water.

Just three trees standing in a row.

This was a cool water drain and was playing around with settings to try to get that slow water effect.

Tonight it is suppose to slow, unbelieveable, just when spring was trying to make an appearence...


Zondra Art said...

I lake it, nice pictures!
Have a nice weekend Liz:)

SKC said...

Wonderful captures. I like the second one.

leavesnbloom said...

Nice captures though I think it was maybe too bright for you to get the dreamy water effect. I was trying with my settings today and it was just too sunny. I find that later in the evenings when the sun is just about to go down is the best time to capture that slow water. I hope you don't get that snow that's forecast.

Linda Makiej said...

these are beautiful!! Isn't it frustrating waiting for good weather?

Judy said...


To get the effect of silky flowing water, you have to set your camera on a slower shutter speed on a tripod to prevent camera shake and decrease the exposure if it's a sunny day. I haven't tried this yet, but i want to some day.

Thanks for sharing the photos.


Chesney said...

You managed to find some beauty in "blah"...these are all just beautiful!


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