Apr 22, 2011

Missing A Rainbow

The other night around six thirty I was on the back deck and spotted a slight rainbow. I rushed inside to get you know what. I did not act fast enough, and decided to try to capture it from the front yard, so I rushed and missed it.

But I did wait and see if another one would appear, no luck. But now I do know what to look for in the sky, on the front of storm clouds.

See the black speck?? That folks is a bird. When I was editing I thought maybe something was on my lens, but nope thank goodness.

I love the look of these rain drifts I call them.

How exciting it will be to capture our crazy looking skys here this summer.

One side was clear, and one side was stormy looking. This is the front of house in these first shots.

This is the back or west side of the house, in this shot I was practicing my sun flares.

And  last attempt of sunflare, looks kind of spooky. But the closest so far to a ball shape sun flare.

 Good Friday to everyone.


Ashley Sisk said...

Those skies are so dramatic.

The Planet Pink said...

Gorgeous!! I'm normally not a huge fan of storms (ok, I lied - I HATE storms), but they do make for some amazing photographs!

SKC said...

Super images. Really like the 4th one.

Zondra Art said...

Dramatic sky!
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Michelle said...

sorry about missing the rainbow (been there, done that) but WOW, girlie!! Check out those skies!!! LOVE LOVE LVOE!!! I love storms (until tornados show up, ug!) and watching the clouds move in -- amazingly powerful!! Oh, and look at you -- check out that sunflare -- great job!! :)


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