Apr 20, 2011

Let It Snow Or Not

All day yesterday everyone was saying where is that snow they are talking about?
Well this morning here it is. YUCK!!! It would be different if it was the first snow, but after almost 6 months of this stuff it is so not wanted.

First here is my black and white, well a little bit of cheating it is not a pure B/W I wanted to keep some color so I just upped the saturation a tad.

 Now on to that snow.. I do admit it is pretty.

And it will not last. The temps will be in the 40`s.
the long road

Live and Love...Out Loud

Have an awesome day!!!


Zondra Art said...

Here is the sun and 20 degrees:)
Beautiful shots Liz!

Judy said...


Wow, very pretty photos of the snow falling. Did it snow near you recently?


Chesney said...

I love the deep jewel toned colors of the tulips and really love how magical those snow pictures are w/ the Spring colors in the background! NICE!

Ashley Sisk said...

The snow is pretty...but in April?!

Julia said...

Gorgeous photos- the color of the tulip is so pretty!

Vhen said...

pretty snow and all of the photos are gorgeous!


SKC said...

Like the touch of color in the first image. I cannot believe you are still dealing with snow.

deb duty said...

Oh that snow is so so pretty! I guess if I had been living in it for six months I'd be tired of it, but since I never get to see it in person I appreciate getting to see your photos.

Ray said...

Beautiful photos! Love the second one, although I am sick of the snow too...

lisa said...

It is very pretty, but I agree with you...
That first photograph is gorgeous!!

amatterofhowyouseeit.com said...

I LOVE that tulip image. Absolutely one of my favorites of yours.

And boo on the snow!

Erika B said...

We finally got rid of our snow so I can't say that I envy you. Love that first shot!

Erika B


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