Apr 28, 2011

Last Of The Sunset

So like I said I took like 100 or so shots of this wonderful at leaste to me sunset. I am proud of myself for sticking with it till the end. And how they came out with the flares.

These again are all SOOC except for contrast and sharpening and a crop ( That darn waterspot)

There are three of these that look the same but are not, lighting is a little different and the flare effect, so I want to show all three. so this is one...

This is two..

The third one...

Actually there were five in all like this one, so this is the fourth. The fifth one I shared in my first post.

I think I like this on and the first one I shared before the best, I have this as my desk top wall paper.

Now here are some others that are cool.

I like the light of this even though yes it is over exposed.

These are docks that get lots of use during the summer

Another shot of this fence, I like the coloring and again how peaceful it looks.

With Summer coming there will be many pretty sunsets to capture and be amazed at.


SKC said...

Gorgeous sunset images.

Alita said...

I live 2 minutes from lake shore. Actually we have 13 lakes in our community. I'm a huge natural water enthusiast and summer time be-stills my heart. These sunset captures are just the very thing I love about living on the lake. Gorgeous!


Ashley Sisk said...

Really lovely shots! Beautiful.

Bella Skye said...


Em said...

Wow such nice shots! I really like the first one and the ones of the dock/rail!

Michelle said...

simply beautiful and peaceful!! Love that you're still experimenting w/ the flares. :)


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