Apr 16, 2011

Font Find

Ok so I want to switch things up a bit around here
But I can`t untill I find my font. I lost it when I lost all of my other pictures on my old computer. I forgot the name to this font.( The one in my header).

So I am asking for a little help. Does anyone know the name to this font???

Please come and let me know if you do, there may be a small prize involved to the person who is able to track this font down for me.


Just a hint on the prize, it smells really good.


Karli said...

Oh, that' so frustrating when that happens. I do that all the time - I'll make a new watermark or something and then forget the font I used. Hmmmm... I'm sorry, I don't recoginze that one, but I really like it! Hope someone can help. Have a great weekend! :-)

Emily Grace said...

This is the closest font I could find: Elegant. The capital M and T have slight differences as well as the lowercase o, but other than that they are very much the same. =) Hope this helps!

In Christ,

Maryvel Friesen said...

I got it! This font is call "Liana Regular" I don't have it but that is the one! Rings a bell?

Maryvel Friesen said...

Me again! LOL!! In case you lost your font, I also find out that this font is also known as "Lainie Day" and you can download it free from: http://www.scraptivity.com/create/fonts/create_fonts_itol.html

Have fun and Good luck!

Liz said...

Maryvel Friesen That is the one!! You found it.

But I am bummed it is not a free font? I have to check thst out.. But thanks so much for finding it.

Maryvel Friesen said...

No problem, like I said, just glad I could help? That link that I sent you, they have it there for free, I downloaded too, and it all worked just fine! Is the one under "Lainie Day". ;)


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