Apr 13, 2011

A Day To Ponder

Today I am going to spend just getting my life organized. I have just being going none stop and I just need to take time to ponder on the more important lasting things in my life. Do you ever feel that way?
The Lord is number one priority and I have kind of let my time with Him take a back seat when He should be right in the front seat of my life.

 Enjoy your day and take time to ponder on what really matters in your life today.


Heather T. said...

Yes, Liz...I have felt that way. I believe the Spirit is whispering, "Come close to me. Breath deeply, listen to my love." Enjoy this restful day.

SKC said...

Gorgeous shot.

leavesnbloom said...

I agree - I've cut down a lot on blogging recently to spend time with HIM.

Ashley Sisk said...

Very pretty.

lisa said...

Beautiful post and photograph Liz!

Chesney said...

A beautiful image and thought to ponder!


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