Apr 16, 2011

Another One Of Those Days

The sun came out for five minutes and went away again. Looks like rain. It snowed last night only an inch.. but still this is april, there is not suppose to be any snow anymore.

 Yesterday I took these of Emma and Ruby.

 Texture add to this one.

I liked the lighting of this even if it is not the way it should be exposed.

Then on to a flower for Saturday

Happy Saturday to you!!


Jessaca said...

Can't resist cute kitty shots!! =D Great flower shot.
Have a great weekend!!!
PS Hope all the snow goes away soon. Praying for some warm and beautiful days to come your way.

Evette Mendisabal said...

Beautiful shot!

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Beautiful flower!!! And such adorable cats!!

Chesney said...

Your kitties are adorable...I love the texture you added to the first image, and you are right, the lighting of the second image is beautiful...who cares if it is technically right, it is the final look that counts and you captured it!

Sally said...

I love the flower. It is so delicate.

SKC said...

Beautiful kitty cats. I agree with the light in the second shot it is wonderful in my opinion.

Ray said...

Love the texture in the first shot and the last one is beautiful!

Ewa said...

the cats photos are great and the flower looks so lovley,
I can't believe you had snow, but it does happen, in the month of April it is a bit like in the big pot- a bit of summer and a bit of winter all mixed together :)

Self Sagacity said...

Bouganvillia! One of my favorite, can't go anywhere without being seduced by them. From Sat Flowers.

If you have time on Thursdays, come and play Thursday Two Questions Meme


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