Apr 30, 2011

On A Branch

So with my load of bird shots I just took I added a verse to one.

Have A Wonderful Sunday.


Some More Cute Birds Part Two

Part two of my bird photoshoot.I do not know if these are the same as the previous post or not. But these are non edited except clean edit.

This guy was just singing away.

 This is my favorite I think this guy like having his picture taken.

Part One is the post before this.. Bird Watch

Apr 29, 2011

Bird Watch

What do I see? A cute little birdy.
I am visiting a house with an upstairs deck with a tree right by and this fella and his friend were just hanging out.

Apr 28, 2011

Macro Friday

While I took these I thought they were real only to feel them and realize nope they are fake. They did look real. Even so still pretty.

I used my macro filters with these and like how crisp they are.

Happy Sunny Friday to you.

Last Of The Sunset

So like I said I took like 100 or so shots of this wonderful at leaste to me sunset. I am proud of myself for sticking with it till the end. And how they came out with the flares.

These again are all SOOC except for contrast and sharpening and a crop ( That darn waterspot)

There are three of these that look the same but are not, lighting is a little different and the flare effect, so I want to show all three. so this is one...

This is two..

The third one...

Actually there were five in all like this one, so this is the fourth. The fifth one I shared in my first post.

I think I like this on and the first one I shared before the best, I have this as my desk top wall paper.

Now here are some others that are cool.

I like the light of this even though yes it is over exposed.

These are docks that get lots of use during the summer

Another shot of this fence, I like the coloring and again how peaceful it looks.

With Summer coming there will be many pretty sunsets to capture and be amazed at.

Apr 27, 2011


This was a shot I took on the evening of Easter.
I also took many sunset shots.
But this just has a very peaceful feel about it.

If you missed out seeing the sunset shots you can see them here.. SUNSET

I was at my friends house and she has a pond in her back yard and this crane showed up. Man is he a fast guy i got alot of shots of him but I am not happy with them so maybe on another day I will try again. But here is one of many that made the cut.

the long road


Happy day to all.

Apr 25, 2011


So to end a wonderful day yesterday I went out to take some shots, like 168 of the sunset. Most of them turned out, I did little edits to each of these, just upped contrast ,clarity, luminous, sharped, and cropped( my lens had a water spot on it and it should up on most of the shots, but was able to fix.

So here we go...

This one came out very nice, look at those sun flares/ arms

 Here is another shot with . Not as strong.

This one looks like jewels on the water.

 Another angle.

I was playing around with settings, I can not remember
what settings I used for this I switched alot to TV/AV modes as well. But for the most part this is SOOC with clean edit as like above. These weed were in front and it took awhile for the camera to focus on those before the sun. This is my favorite.

Then I spotted a a person kayaking

Just paddleing away so peacefully.

The sun getting lower, this does go fast, so got got as many as I could.

Then the final shot.

What a great way to end Easter / Resurrection Sunday!!




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