Mar 21, 2011

Spring Is Here


So as I wait for outdoor flowers and pretty things to capture. Here are some things inside I think reminds me of warmer days ahead.

Sweet Shot Day


MarieElizabeth said...

Hooray for warmer days! Love the hat.

Michelle said...

so pretty! Can't wait for warmer days!! Well, I've enjoyed the 80*s here the last few days... wish they were here to stay!!


lisa said...

What gorgeous photographs Liz!!!

julie said...

These pics have a beach cottage feel! :)

Zondra Art said...

Great photos Liz!
Pleasant Tuesday.

SKC said...

Wonderful shot. Really like the last one.

Ocean Soul said...

Yay! Good to see you have your sun hat that is being hopeful!

Erika B said...

Oh, I just love ivy! That first shot is so pretty.

Erika B

Ray said...

The first photo is so pretty!


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