Mar 24, 2011

Shoot and Edit

My before was way unfocused and still is of the edit but I think even so there is a dreamy feel to it.

Now the edit, I worked with it in RAW and upped the clarity and vibrance.

Joining in

Happy Friday to all.


Jessaca said...

I like the after it looks like a painting.
Hve a good one!!!

Mommy2Four said...

I like the color of the flowers on the edit :)

SKC said...

Beautiful color.

Jill Samter Photography said...

very pretty edit!

lisa said...

This is really lovely Liz!
Such beautiful color and softness.

Cedar said...

Love the colors!

leavesnbloom said...

It looks very ethereal and so soft Liz.

Did you download the toolkit instead? I'm not sure if I made it clear enough on my blog post that even if you didn't have any photoshop you could still download the toolkit for the plugin to work as an independant photoediting program. The toolkit link is on my Monday blogpost.

Kimberly said...

Love the soft feel to it! Great job!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

withoutadornment said...

I love how vibrant you made the colours. So pretty! Do you know what kind of flower they are?

Ashley Sisk said...

Loving the vibrant color.


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