Mar 5, 2011

Saturday Is Here

Wow What a last couple days I have had. Then last night poor Emma jump off the couch and sprained her paw, by getting her claws stuck in carpet. We went to vet she hated it but she should be ok and got her claws clipped. She had her paw up and walked on three legs she looked so pathetic I felt so bad for her but now she is walking normal.

Now on to Saturdays flowers.
 These Orchids I took a while ago.

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Oh and I went to Best Buy and snagged me a wireless remote, Have to find time to play with it but it works and am so excited.....  also at Best Buy I saw a newer version of my Rebel XSI,  It is a T2I I am getting it. The ISO goes to 6400, way better then only 1600 and it has more functions, and video options. I would go for the 7D But way out of my price range and I did not like the bulkyness of that one anyway.

I will not get it for another month or so got to save and want to see if the price goes down but when I do get it joy of joys will abound, and the lens`s I already have fit it . I do want a 50mm 1/8 I would go for the 1/4 and still might but the other one is cheaper. So I am so excited for the spring I will have my new toys and be shooting away all day.


Zondra Art said...

Great macro!
Kisses and happy weekend.

Mom of M&Ms said...

That is so beautiful.. and how fun to be getting a new camera! Hooray for you!!!, Hope the paw heals quickly.

Chesney said...

I love amaryllises! Those are some gorgeous blooms! Mine finally bloomed, I will share a pic of it tomorrow!

Hope your poor puppy's paw is all better soon, my dog did that once and it looks like it really hurts!

Michelle said...

So pretty!!

Sorry to hear about your kitty, but glad that everythings ok now!

Good luck getting your new camera!!

Channal said...

Beautiful Amaryllis... Anna


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