Mar 18, 2011


Guess what I just got???!!!! Super excited and feeling a tid bit guilty. But It is worth it.
I was going to wait but I found out that at the 5 Target stores within  10 mile radius except for one store was sold out and was not going to get any more in. Also the best buy stores in the area were sold out, so I acted on this and got it. Seems like  repeat of when I got my XSI was sold out but one store had it.

I introduce to you my new.. Canon T2I !!!!

These are all SOOC except the first which I cropped.

So what do ya think? Do You notice an improvement? Of quality?

These were the settings, my lens 55-250mm ( which I seem to use most of the time, I know there are better lens`s out there but I am on a budget and it seems to be a good all around lens, for now.)
ISO 200  f8 1/200

Now I need to do something with my old camera. What do most people do ? What have you done when you guys upgrade?
I am going to try to sell it, so if any of you want a semi used Canon XSI  I am selling it for $450. That includes the kit lens, two batteries and chargers, strap, and the cords.
If intrested let me know and we can go from there. It is a great camera I just wanted to upgrade.


Jessaca said...

congrats on the new camera!! Sometimes when you find a deal you just have to act.
Happy photo taking!!! =D

Sheri said...

Love your first shot! Enjoy the new camera.

SKC said...

Wonderful shot. A new camera is always exciting. When I upgraded I sold my camera to my neighbors grandson (rather cheap) for his school photography course.

tchesney said...

congrats on your new toy...I can see from these fabulous pictures that your friendship is off to a great start...these are all beautiful! Have fun playing!

Kendall said...

Awesome! Congrats on your new camera; that's exciting. : )I love that last picture.


Michelle said...

WOO-HOOO!!! Look at you go, Lady!!! Enjoy your new baby! Learn her well!!

You're rocking it already, though! I especially love the last three. Something does look a bit different, so it may be your camera -- or just your excitement and creativity shining though! :)



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