Mar 23, 2011


I was blog hopping and stumbled upon this blog, actually have visited before on Sundays from Scripture and a SnapShot.

To hide God`s word in your heart and to meditiate on it day and night is what we are called to do.


Well this Katie has memorized Phillipians 1-3. WOW.

Sad to say for myself the bible has not had as much attention daily as it should and I feel the consequences of that and want that to change. NOW. I hope by waching and listening to the word of God you too are motivated to pick up your bible and meditiate on it day and night and hide it in your heart.

Today was another snowy day. Is it not spring? So I have been hanging out inside.

 Dreaming of warm sunny days...

Wanting to run freely thru fields of wild flowers and pussy willows.

Longing for the beach and water with all that it holds.

Be A Blessing today!!!


Melissa said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Judy said...

Love your photos and the message! Yes we all need to meditate on our Lord's Word daily and hide it in our hearts so that we won't sin against him. Amen!


Ray said...

Beautiful photos! It snowed here too. :(

SKC said...

Beautiful work. We have been having the most splendid spring days this week.

Linda Makiej said...

I just found your blog - I think it is beautiful!

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