Mar 1, 2011

Maybe this Week is One Thing

And that is ok. I did take tons of shots of these roses and want to share them.
The first one was a tad dark so I added a lighter texture and the second one was in the snow so I added more of a paper crunch texture.. The first shot is in a different angle . Sorry for the repetions but ya got to work with what ya got and I got roses.

Hope everyone had a great day today.


Ashley Sisk said...


SKC said...

Beautiful. About my chain shots. The bokeh was probably a mixture of the light reflecting off the silver balls and my Depth of Field due to wide aperture.

Charlene said...

Beautiful roses...I had to use mine for photographs too. Hopefully we'll have some outside blooms to use soon!

Michelle said...

you really are using them for all they're worth -- great shots!!


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