Mar 16, 2011

In Black and White

Here is the moon shot in black and white I think it looks cool.

the long road


SKC said...

Wonderful black and white version. But, I prefer the color version.

Ashley Sisk said...

great capture.

Ray said...

Cool shot! Love it!

Michelle said...

hehe... you know, I've never thought about shooting the moon in b&w.... seeing it's usually white in a black sky... lol!

These turned out really cool, Lady!

Hope you're doing good!! It's been crazy here!

Karli said...

Good heavens - that's AMAZING! What lens did you use for your shot? I have a 70-200, but yours looks clearer than mine. I'm definitely going to try again. GREAT job - I love it!

Julia said...

What a great, clear shot! I tried taking pictures of the moon today... it's so hard!


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