Mar 30, 2011

Funky Tree

On a walk I saw this tree, very different.

the long road

Thought I would add this to this challange as well

and then, she {snapped}.


Julia said...

That is such a cool looking tree- it is definitely "funky"! :)


Zondra Art said...

Woow...great shots!

Chesney said...

I love the spacing of the branches...really a beautiful wintry sight!

Jessaca said...

What a great find!!!

SKC said...

What a grand old tree. Great shot.

Ashley Sisk said...

That is funky!

Cedar said...

Great capture!

Pam said...

Great capture. The spacing reminds me of the fake trees for cell towers.

lisa said...

Truly majestic, and beautifully captured!

Erika B said...

Very cool, very tall! Great BW.

Erika B

Amber said...

What a great tree! Love the black and white edit. :)



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