Mar 11, 2011

DayLight Savings Reminder

Spring is just around the corner, Day light Savings time proves it.
I do not like the idea of looseing and hour of sleep, but for warmer weather and sunshine it is well worth it . Also longer daylight.

Here is a flower I took awhile ago, texture added.

I found another nice texture so I played more with this.

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 3

Happy Saturday!!!


melissa said...

I don't like losing sleep either but if this means one step closer to Spring I am all for it. We'll adjust, right? Beautiful photo =)

melissa @champagne wishes.

SKC said...

Lovely shot. We have til the end of the month before we change I believe.

Ray said...

Cool shot and edit!

Donna said...

Gorgeous shot and Love the texture! It's Saturday and I'm going to be playing around with my photoshop program...
Happy weekend!

Donna said...

PS- And Yes, Daylight Savings Time starts This weekend! Setting my clocks tonight!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love the musical texture!!!! Awesome..

I love Spring but hate the spring forward time difference...

Karen said...

Although I normally like viewing exactly what God created in photos, I do like that second texture. Stopping by for Scripture and Snapshot hop. blessings, k

Katherine said...

Just beautiful. The texture is divine.

K xx

leavesnbloom said...

The texture is great on that little bloom Liz.


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