Mar 20, 2011

Birthday Girl and Macro Monday

My little friend Brooke had her 5 1/2 Birthday the other night, she had fun, we ate pink cake and watched Beverly Hills Chiwawa . Cute movie.

 Now this is the first shot in door I have taken with this new camera. Still learning the settings and so forth but I should have at leaste set the white balance. and do not know why it is so noisy. So bare with me and know the next shots will be better set up.

 Next is a macro capture that reminds me that spring is near.

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edenhills said...

Congrats on the new camera. That last shot is great-very springlike and cheerful!

Teresa said...

Beautiful details in your flower macro Liz!

January said...

that's a lovely macro

Camouflage Insect

Zondra Art said...

Great macro and cute girl, I lake it!

julie said...

Beautiful macro!! Love your dof :)

Michelle said...

Cute shots of your little friend -- and I'm so happy to see barbie FINALLY eating some junk food! lol!

Beautiful macro!! Oh, spring is coming -- I can smell it!! :)

Have a great week, Liz!!!


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