Mar 31, 2011

Day And Night

What a difference a few hours make for the beauty of how the sky can look.

Both SOOC. Only sharpening.
God is the best artist I know.

Super excited I am finally going to get another lens. For now it will be a 50 F1.8mm. A prime lens very cheap, Good reviews on it. Then next will save for a 50 f1.4. Man this love is getting expensive. But I pray some day it will pay for it`s self as I grow in this hobbie.

Shoot and Edit Green

Well here is the SOOC.

 Was not really sure if anything needed to be done with this, so I just upped the contrast and sharped.


Happy Thursday.

Mar 30, 2011

Funky Tree

On a walk I saw this tree, very different.

the long road

Thought I would add this to this challange as well

and then, she {snapped}.

Mar 28, 2011

Outside Fun

So the boys and I took a walk. It was sunny and warmer, though not warm enough not yet. But no wind and the suns rays felt good. Here are some captures.

Mr. Twitch saying "Come on guys my paws are cold."

"I know the way home follow me.."

Mr. Mav being oh so watchful.

Then some pretty blue berries, a single leaf that stuck on for dear life  and some hydrangas that want spring to come.

Can`t wait to be able to capture some vivid colors, like purples, pinks , yellows...
Anyway all of these are SOOC. Really trying to rock my Soocs, so little editing has to be done.


Shoot and Edit Green

Well it is hard to come by green around here but thanks to indoor plants..
 Do not know yet what to do with this. I actually like it just as is. But we will play with it.

Next week join ASHLEY for the edit side of things.
I found a new favorite photography blog Check her out. And give some love.
Wonderful Monday to you!!!

Mar 27, 2011


Hopefully there will not be any of these left. It is spring but I do not think the season knows how to act like spring yet..

 Have an awesome Sunday!!!

Mar 26, 2011

Sun Bath

Sweet Ruby soaking up the sun. Her favorite thing to do.

Happy Saturday to you!!

Mar 25, 2011

I Am Beautiful.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting: but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."
Proverbs 31:30

 The sun was setting and I love back light shots. Out of focus but oh well.. I still am in God`s eyes

Remember that dear readers. God has made you just as you are, so rejoice you are HIS master piece!!!

1 Samuel 16:7 - "The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
I am joining Jill I AM BEAUTIFUL

Mar 24, 2011

Sitting Pretty

Just had to share this shot of Ruby. This is one of her more tender captures.
Texture  added.

Shoot and Edit

My before was way unfocused and still is of the edit but I think even so there is a dreamy feel to it.

Now the edit, I worked with it in RAW and upped the clarity and vibrance.

Joining in

Happy Friday to all.

Mar 23, 2011


I was blog hopping and stumbled upon this blog, actually have visited before on Sundays from Scripture and a SnapShot.

To hide God`s word in your heart and to meditiate on it day and night is what we are called to do.


Well this Katie has memorized Phillipians 1-3. WOW.

Sad to say for myself the bible has not had as much attention daily as it should and I feel the consequences of that and want that to change. NOW. I hope by waching and listening to the word of God you too are motivated to pick up your bible and meditiate on it day and night and hide it in your heart.

Today was another snowy day. Is it not spring? So I have been hanging out inside.

 Dreaming of warm sunny days...

Wanting to run freely thru fields of wild flowers and pussy willows.

Longing for the beach and water with all that it holds.

Be A Blessing today!!!

Fun With Black and White

I went to the nursery the other day and they still had these little fairy houses. They are so cute.

Thought it made a neat black and white


Then was playing around some more and texturized it.


the long road

Mar 21, 2011

Spring Is Here


So as I wait for outdoor flowers and pretty things to capture. Here are some things inside I think reminds me of warmer days ahead.

Sweet Shot Day


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