Feb 20, 2011

Will It Ever End

A great day just to be inside, though I really just want to be outside. We are having a snow storm, expected 12 inches. Good grief. At leaste it will be in the mid thirties today, maybe it will just melt.
Yesterday I went for a walk, it was semi warm and sunny. But the trails were all icy.
Here is one shot I wanted to use for this week.
This verse is a reminder every day. That Gods ways are what I need to cling to.

Happy Sunday!!


SKC said...

Beautiful shot and words.

leavesnbloom said...

Lovely shot Liz and I hope those 12 inches don't come your way.

God's ways are what I cling to aswell - though sometimes if I'm really honest I lose my grip and fall but praise the Lord that He picks me up and puts me back on that little narrow path again.


KT said...

Very Beautiful!

Michelle said...

Ah, "and it came to pass" -- that's what I keep reminding myself!! lol!!! I will pray your snow melts quickly!!

Very pretty pic -- the Lord will guide our steps, even if the way is slippery and cold! :)

Have a great day, too, Lady!!

tchesney said...

Absolutely beautiful, even with the white stuff! Love that proverb w/ the image, perfect!

Poekitten said...

Amen! What a beautiful photo and a great verse. Thanks for the reminder:)

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful shot for this scripture - you asked about your titles showing up...yes, they do. :)

Christine said...

Love the photo. I, too, hope we won't have any more snow; we've had enough here in Chicagoland to last for the next two winters! I love that the path in your image is snow-covered; the Lord does guide our steps, especially with a path like that. I hope your snow quickly melts!!


Kim said...

Very pretty and a truth I need to remember. Love all your winter walk photos.


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