Feb 19, 2011

A Saturday with Me

Today was a splurge kind of day. I needed to get my photoshop elements9, since I only had the trial version. Because on my old computer, I should say bad, for taking all my captures away from me and not letting me have them back. I also had elements 8 installed but that went by by as well.
Now I have it in my possession and nothing will keep us apart. That was the big splurge.
I also got some cute sneakers for *gasp* $7. and nail polish get this at Ulta for $1. This shade I guess is the new thing.

Love the dirt they already have on them??? these were taken with flash. settings mannual mode. at ISO 200,  1/15, F 8.0
Then I was fooling around with lighting, do not have an external flash yet, but here is the same shot with out flash and with. the one with looks pretty good, you can see what the color really looks like.

The one with out is how the lighting looks in my small living room at night, very orangy, yucky for picture taking.

Just thought I would share a lazy Saturdays treasures with you!!


Zondra Art said...

Nice shots Liz!
Kisses and happy new week.

SKC said...

Wonderful bargains. Love them shoes.


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