Feb 17, 2011

One More Heart

Just one more heart.

These are some shots I took at the arboreedom, some I am not happy with so I made a collage.

Happy Thursday!!!!


Jessaca said...

Well those photos made for a nice collage!!!
Have a good one!!!

SKC said...

What a creative collage. Great work.

Sweepy said...

That looks like a nice heart!

Michelle said...

again - loving the collage.

If you would, how'd you make the heart shape?

Liz said...

Hi Michelle,

you can go here..http://www.photovisi.com/collage/choose_template/wallpapers

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful collage!

tchesney said...

I love this...what a great way to show off your images of the day! This would look wonderful in a frame!


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