Feb 15, 2011

No More Snow.

On Saturday I was over at the girls house I babysit for and they had made a snow couple. One had a wig on but that blew away. And right after I took their pretty picture one head rolled off. It was warmer that day. I guess they just were not made to last. But what a cute couple they were for the short time.

This week will be in the fourties yeah.. but then Friday back in twenties with snow.

Here is a textured flower, I so can not wait to beable to spend hours outside in the warmth and sun taking pictures to my hearts content. So Very soom I hope.

Sweet Shot Day


SKC said...

Snow couple is so cute. I too am longing for the warmer days and flowers. There are a few about now but not much.

Ashley Sisk said...

The textured flower looks beautiful.

Tricia said...

A snow couple, that must have been fun!
The textured flower is so pretty & I know what you mean about being able to get out & take pics in the warmth! COME ON SPRING!!! =)

love and life ♥ said...

Awww love the snowmen & I love the flowers with the added texture, so beautiful!

Michelle said...

love the focus on the flower...

and what a cute couple of snow-people!! :)

tchesney said...

I love your snow couple! They looks so bright and cheery - even in the cold! Your textured flower is so elegant and holds hop for an early spring!


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