Feb 23, 2011

Natural Light Rose Take Two

So today was a sunny day and as I said I had fun with my new found friends.
These are taken in natural light. Settings, manual mode,  macro filters ISO 100,  1/20 roughly and  F5.6-F8. All SOOC.

Thank you beautiful roses!!!

This second to last one is one of many I took in the snow. This is SOOC, love how it turned out.

Which way do you like best? Go to the below post to see the first set taken with flash.


Natalie said...

What gorgeous color! I love the ones taken in the natural light. The light and shadows are perfect. Wonderful!

Tricia said...

SOOC? Amazing! They're all so beautiful... I'm dumbfounded... You seriously captured them beautifully!!! =)

Tricia said...

Here's the link to the Mouse Over you asked about... glad to help out! =)

Ashley Sisk said...

Really beautiful use of natural light!

Michelle said...

So so pretty!

My favs are the 5th one down from the top, and the 2nd one up from the bottom!

So nice that you got to really enjoy these!

Mary said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love the natural light here, the shadows have much more depth... Such a lovely series of images!

tchesney said...

No processing needed on those macros...absolutely picture perfect!

SKC said...

The second shot is wonderful. I also love the last two. Beautifully done.

Katie said...

I love the deep red and the soft curves of the petals! I like them best with natural light, but I don't dislike them with your flash. ;)

leavesnbloom said...

wow Liz these colours are so good and so rich and vibrant for sooc's.


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