Feb 7, 2011


Joining in with Ashley and Jill for



My  Edit, I know it should be posted on Thursday I will repost but will be busy the next few days.
 I still do not know how to post the histogram, sorry . But with this I just sharpened, cropped, duplicated layer, added a texture to overlay at 97% ,duplicated that layer, and set it at screen 100%. It gave it a wavy fabric effect. It actually looks like they are on sand.


Michelle said...

Oh, yummy!! And great edit -- I like the brightness and depth of it! Good job!

Jill - FNA Photography said...

Great SOOC and I love the bright pop of the edit!


Ashley Sisk said...

I like your SOOC and I like how your edit pops. I wonder what it would look like with a softer touch.

Liz said...

hey Ashley, That is what I was trying for but had to stop. So That can be a goal for thursday final edit.

tchesney said...

Your processing also makes this very romantic looking...perfect for Valentine's Day! :)

Ray said...

I love the edit!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

This is different... very cool! Love the effect. :)

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful effect!

Ang said...

I love your edit, it's sort of dreamy and romantic. Perfect for this time of year!

Barb Phillips said...

I like the first photo and perhaps a crop to put the main focus in the bottom 1/3rd with a soft WB. Great simple photo


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