Feb 9, 2011

Grapes Anyone

I am bored!!!!! It is too cold outside to even breathe. Oh how I need warmer weather. I know I sound like a very broken record but this is getting very old. I took some selfies, which I am not really happy with but on Saturday I will share one.. And I thought I would capture these yummy grapes before they got eaten.


Amy said...

Those do look good! I'll be looking forward to saturday!: -D

tchesney said...

If it helps, I am hating the cold too, it puts you in a bummer of a mood! :)

Another gorgeous image...love the simplicity, love the depth!

Tricia said...

The grapes DO look YuMmY & I know what you mean about the weather... it's only Feb & I'm already sick to death of it & we didn't get near as much snow as most of the nation, but I'm still sick of it just the same!


Michelle said...

Oh, grapes!! How I love grapes! :)

And oh, my goodness - YES - it's too cold outside to breathe!! Storm and I were out this morning trying to get her to go potty and the inside of my nose was literally freezing!! I felt bad for making my dog go outside, but she had boots on and could have gone a bit faster! But she's so missing spending time outside too!

And YAY YOU!! I'm looking forward to Saturday and getting a chance to see/meet you! And you know, with anything else, practice makes perfect -- you'll figure out the best way to photography yourself (along with the rest of us!) and we'll become our own best photographer!

:) Have a great night!


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