Feb 11, 2011

Full Day Saturday

Well it is going to be a busy day for me but am joining in with flowers on Saturday and macro Saturday.

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1

And then this is new for me and I was not able to get a full body shot, but here is the best I could do in such little time.... And feel very  weird having my picture up , oh well others do it. And sorry for not smiling... was so focused on getting a shot. 

This one is old, my hair is shorter, but am growing it back,anyway....
and I am cheating I did not take this, I will try in the future to.

Have a great weekend.


Michelle said...

Yay!! Hi!!!!! (wave!) See -- that wasn't too bad posting, now was it? :)

Ok, first, (since flowers came first), that first shot is rather interesting... almost looks like mini orchids? And I'm loving the smoothness and the softness of the 2nd shot!

And now, I love how you got the light shining in your hair creating some pretty highlights! And you got some sweet curly hair too! When my hair's that short, it's almost afro-poofy at the bottom (ick!) if I don't try to straighten it. Did you use the self-timer or a remote? -- you did a great job focusing for just now trying these! Don't worry about not getting a full body shot right now! Just doing this one is a good step! You may enjoy being able to look back one day and be able to see what you looked like/wore/etc. and your family may someday also appreciate that you took some shots of yourself so they can have some memories of you -- just as you are!! (hugs)

I'll be posting my shots sometime tomorrow. Maybe redoing them seeing I tried to take them when I was sick... lol!! I don't know yet, cause I haven't even gotten them off the camera yet!

maiaT said...

Beautiful flowers all the three of them.
If I just could have those pretty orchids!
Lovely portrait in such a cosy setup.

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love that flower shot and its macro.. beautiful.. and your self portarit is beautiful well done!!! You are soo gorgeous!

Thanks for hooking up to Flowers on Saturday!

Tammy V said...

First of all, your webpage looks great! I love the design and 2nd.. love your pictures.
Great to have you on the Get Fit Challenge. I look forward to reading more about your accomplishments :)

P.S My self portrait is far worse than yours so rest assured. Yours is lovely :)

Channal said...

Beautiful photos... lovely flowers!

much love Anna

SKC said...

Gorgeous flower shots. A beautiful selfie. I think it is so hard to smile when taking pictures of yourself.

love and life ♥ said...

Awww gorgeous flower shots! Simply beautiful. Your selfie is beautiful! Happy Saturday! xo

amatterofhowyouseeit.com said...

Wonderful details and DoF in these macros.

And hi Liz, nice to meet you!

leavesnbloom said...

Liz so good to see you rather than the reflection that you posted ages ago - nice to put a face to a blog - your selfie is lovely. I rarely get on the other side of the camera but maybe I should more often after reading that comment from Michelle.

I love zgopetalum orchids - they have a nice scent too.


E said...

I love love love the light on your hair! Great job!


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