Feb 1, 2011

Fancy That

I saw this effect on Sharon`s blog....SKCPHOTOS
And wanted to try it, I cropped sharpened and  I added a texture with some script, and overlayed it to 100%.
I had to because the mirror had dust on it, note to self, clean mirror before you take a photo. And next time I want real flowers, these are silk. But I think it turned out neat.

then the below one I used inpaint to clean it up a tad.. Some stray cat hair was on one of the petals and a string can ya tell the difference....

I wanted to show the after first because the before really is a mess.SOOC.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

also I have my first coming in spring/ summer paid photo assignment. I will be helping a friend with her prodject on her farm recording plant life/ flowers native to IOWA. So excited.


Ashley Sisk said...

Very pretty.

tchesney said...

You have turned an ordinary image into a piece of art! Just stunning! All you need is a frame and a place to hang it!

Jessaca said...

Your after is beautiful!!! Congratulation on the photo assignment for this coming up spring/summer time!!! Can't wait to see what you capture!!!

Karen said...

This is lovely, Liz! Is it Photoshop you're using? What an amazing result you got. And I bet you had such fun just playing with the effects! thanks for your visit. Blessings on your day.

Sharon said...

Oh these are works of art. Beautifully done.

lisa said...

What an amazing difference Liz!
These are just gorgeous!

Henrietta said...

Gorgeous rose photos, so romantic,LOVE:)


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