Feb 26, 2011

Centering Issues...

Ok  so I was on another computer and my pictures were not centered. When on my computer they were, sooo I am trying to make them centered on any computer. For example.. Other bloggers have them centered.. Please help. I have my main wrapper set at 910 and my outer wrapper set at 910 as well. I think that is wrong.... And my pictures were at 590-885 but that is not working, some have theirs at 600-900 or 593-890.. and on any computer they are centered... anyway.... any help would be nice I want them to be centered.. also when you do yours do you have to center them in blogger.. I should just go back to using photobucket. What should my main and outer wrapper be??
 Now my pictures are set at 595-900 on your side are they centered.. also I have to put them to the right to make them so. Yikes I want them fixed..

So I just went back to Ashley Sisk`s tutorial and redid things please come and tell me how the below post looks compared to the one before that. Thanks.


SKC said...

They are centered when I view your blog. May I ask how is it you write your posts? Do you just log into blogger and write that way? I use Windows Live Writer. I LOVE that program. When I insert a photo I make sure to have the item centered (like you do in word processing program), hope that is understandable. I can also resize my image via that as well. So for instance my main wrapper is 950 so I size my images to 800 pixels in Live Writer and it makes for nice big images. Then you just publish it and the images are uploaded to picasa which is google.

Jennifer said...

They all look centered to me.

Liz said...

Hi Sharon, my outer wrapper is set at 920 same with my header, and my main wrapper is set at 910. Before they were set at OUTER,910 MAIN 900. but I wanted a wider outer wrapper so my header would match.

I use blogger and go to the HTML and put it in thru blogger but then resize it in HTML.

I also use photobucket. But maybe I should use live writter, is it free?

Liz said...

also so now I size my pics to 900 by 600.

SKC said...

Hi Liz,
I do recommend Live Writer. It makes blog posting so easy. And yes it is FREE. here is the link to download... http://explore.live.com/windows-live-writer?os=other

Liz said...

just did down load it. thanks for your help. It is nice to have knowlegable blogging friends.


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