Feb 22, 2011

The Beauty Of A Rose

Wow the thing to have is a set of flowers, and time. Being in the quiet of your home. Well not my home, I am housesitting and there is a beautiful vase of red roses. I am in heaven. I just noticed them as I was blog surfing and another gal bought her own and I commented that that is what I need to do. I look around and what do I see??????? PRETTY.
Now I took these at night so no natural light this time, but tomorrow I have the whole day with these beauties.
This time I used mannual mode set to flash. with my macro filter ISO 100, 1/10 or there abouts F5.6. I usually keep it set to that for some reason.( I am all for feed back, still learning the ins and outs of Fstops and shutter speeds.) All SOOC. Now I am having fun. For awhile there I was getting down about the shots I was taking. I think I just did not give myself enough time to really spend  with my last captures. From now on I am going to stop and smell the roses.



Julia said...

Those are gorgeous, especially with no natural light! Great job with manual settings... I'm still working on that too!

Emily Grace said...

Beautiful photos, Liz!
I especially love the depth in the last photo.
And you did all this manual and with artificial light?--amazing job! The focus is very eye-catching. =D

SKC said...

Beautiful images. Looking forward to the natural light shots.

lisa said...

These are gorgeous photographs Liz!!
Nicely done.

justine said...

what stunning beautiful pictures these are and what wonderful pictures you have on your blog, absolutely wonderful!

Tricia said...

what beauties! =)

Maryvel Friesen said...

AWESOME shots! Great angles, colours, composition, the works! Well done!

Ray said...

Oh, wow! These are amazing shots!

lisaschaos said...

I had fun playing with some roses last week too. :) Love flowers!! :) These turned out great!

Michelle said...

Oh, wow! Love the intense close ups! So soft!

What a great find -- right in the same room!! haha!


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