Feb 28, 2011

The Gang

These are they pets I house sit for, Twitch the cat, Kobie the Jack Russel and Mavric the Black Lab Great Dain mix. The other cat Sydney missed out on the fun.

Kobie after his breakfast.

Twitch just being Mr. cat

 All three after they had just had a rough house time.

Twitch saying "see ya later boys it was fun but now I need to go have a cat nap all day long."

Macro Monday

Bright and sunny Monday is upon me.

Go on over to Lisa`s to see some others.

Feb 27, 2011

New To Live Writer

This is just a test post… and yes a different rose in the same position as the last two on the wooden table. I think I like this one the best the lighting is great as well as the focus.

( new fonts as choices does this show up?)

blue and roses 057eee

Scripture And A Snap Shot

The last one for the week.
 Jesus is the ultimate Rose.

Also please go to the below post and comment, I need to know if my pictures look centered. Thank you.

Feb 26, 2011

Centering Issues...

Ok  so I was on another computer and my pictures were not centered. When on my computer they were, sooo I am trying to make them centered on any computer. For example.. Other bloggers have them centered.. Please help. I have my main wrapper set at 910 and my outer wrapper set at 910 as well. I think that is wrong.... And my pictures were at 590-885 but that is not working, some have theirs at 600-900 or 593-890.. and on any computer they are centered... anyway.... any help would be nice I want them to be centered.. also when you do yours do you have to center them in blogger.. I should just go back to using photobucket. What should my main and outer wrapper be??
 Now my pictures are set at 595-900 on your side are they centered.. also I have to put them to the right to make them so. Yikes I want them fixed..

So I just went back to Ashley Sisk`s tutorial and redid things please come and tell me how the below post looks compared to the one before that. Thanks.

Flowers On Saturday

I hope you all are not getting tired of seeing....

I have just had so much fun with these guys. I think from now on during these winter days I will just buy some flowers and have shoots with them at home. Rather then going to the flower nursery which I may still do but this way I can have some quality time with my subjects.


Feb 25, 2011

Macro Friday

These are the stems from the roses I had fun with.

I just had to take a few more shots of these before they die. They are so pretty and have made my week.

Have an awesome Friday.

Feb 24, 2011

Shoot Edit 2

Here is my edit.
 All I did was Clean up, and doubled the layer, fixed the mid tones and  worked with the contrast a bit. I love how the fuzzy hairs really pop now.

Feb 23, 2011

Natural Light Rose Take Two

So today was a sunny day and as I said I had fun with my new found friends.
These are taken in natural light. Settings, manual mode,  macro filters ISO 100,  1/20 roughly and  F5.6-F8. All SOOC.

Thank you beautiful roses!!!

This second to last one is one of many I took in the snow. This is SOOC, love how it turned out.

Which way do you like best? Go to the below post to see the first set taken with flash.

Feb 22, 2011

The Beauty Of A Rose

Wow the thing to have is a set of flowers, and time. Being in the quiet of your home. Well not my home, I am housesitting and there is a beautiful vase of red roses. I am in heaven. I just noticed them as I was blog surfing and another gal bought her own and I commented that that is what I need to do. I look around and what do I see??????? PRETTY.
Now I took these at night so no natural light this time, but tomorrow I have the whole day with these beauties.
This time I used mannual mode set to flash. with my macro filter ISO 100, 1/10 or there abouts F5.6. I usually keep it set to that for some reason.( I am all for feed back, still learning the ins and outs of Fstops and shutter speeds.) All SOOC. Now I am having fun. For awhile there I was getting down about the shots I was taking. I think I just did not give myself enough time to really spend  with my last captures. From now on I am going to stop and smell the roses.


How Green It Is

The greeness of this shot gives me hope. I sound like a broken record, but after having snow dumped on ya almost every day since November, anything green is so inviting.

 Off to work all day.

Feb 21, 2011


Using one for two. This is from my flower shoot tow weeks ago. All of those or many of them I was playing around too much with my settings and was not in the right settings( still learning) so many of them are not as focused as I thought. But I liked this one. I am using it for ASHLEY`s shoot and edit. And Lisa`s macro monday.


Have a wonderful Monday.

Feb 20, 2011

From My Winter Walk.

Yesterday was nice, today not so nice. We are having a good old snow storm. But wanted to share some captures I took.

Spring has to come SOON !!!!!


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