Jan 11, 2011

Water Droplet Fun

Finally trying this coolness for my self. Inspired by many people, but to name a few.. Ashley Sisks over at RAMBLINGS AND PHOTOS 
also Jill over at and has an awesome tutorial at
 I tried this this morning and was hooked. Had to go to work but am back to share and to capture more coolness.
Now I did not use a tripod this first time, and my settings were.. On macro mode, Used my flash,
10, f4.5 ISO 100. It was in the morning a cloudy day.
These are the ones I liked..

So what do ya think??? Well off to try again this time will use a tripod, and play around with different settings and better angles. Now and tomorrow, stay tuned for more coolness.
Do try this yourselves so fun.
*****PS... I LOVE comments!!!
Have an awesome night.

Ok back for a quick second round tonight then will try again tomorrow. The above shots were done with a pink bowl.

These are done with a green.


Michelle said...

Wow! I love these!! I'm so inspired (and feeling like I'm utterly failing on mine...)! Love your colors and slight different angle than most others. :) Good luck later! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

These turned out so good - I love the green.

Michelle said...

I'm back - LOVE the green! You're getting better!

Michelle said...

Sorry! By better I mean you're getting more good shots and maybe feeling more confident. You did great this morning!

Jessaca said...

AWSOME!!!! Love the Green ones!!!!

Susan said...

Wow, I love them all, but especially the first shot… it almost looks like a flower.

NatureFootstep said...

you got some good shots here. :)

Katie said...

These turned out wonderful! One of these days I'll get around to shooting water drops! :)

lisa said...

These are just fantastic!


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