Jan 22, 2011

My Girls

Today was cleaning day and after the sun was shining in the living room and I got some new shots of Emma and Ruby. The first is of Ruby..

The next is miss model herself Emma. She always does her best pose. 

 and just for fun Ruby was thinking about doing some computer work.


Sharon said...

Beautiful portraits. Wonderful light!!

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful Liz!!!

Zondra Art said...

Thank you for nice comment and following my blog.

Jessaca said...

They are indeed a couple of cuties!!!

Susan said...

Great photos! Your Ruby looks a great deal like the cat at our barn. They have the same eyes (although it’s not as clear in my picture) and gorgeously soft fur.


tchesney said...

Your girls are beautiful...and I love both of their eyes!!


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