Jan 17, 2011

Long Story Short..

I am back in buisseness. To long and kind of painful story, but I will share in a nut shell. My computer died and I am praying I did not loose all of my picture that were on there. I am still going to figure that out. I did loose photoshop 8 for right now, we will see if I am able to get that back. In the mean time I do have an editing soft ware I think I mentioned in an earlier post, which is just like photoshop, called Photoplusx4.
I am very sad about the loss of all my pictures the original ones that is but am praying there is a way to get those off the damaged computer.

I did get a new laptop so, that is one good thing. To be honest my other one was just a netbook. And my desktop computer is so slow. This time around the words are cd/ hardrive/transfer. SAVE!!!
Also organize a little better with my photos, I had them anywhere and everywhere . So this is a good thing, a lesson learned the hard way.


leavesnbloom said...

Oh no Liz

I know that its been a couple of months since I last backed up my photos so I need to do that too. I hope you can find your photos and save them - I'm not as techy as that to tell you how to do it.

On my resource page I have the links to free photo editing software like Gimp though I'm sure you really would like your elements back again.

tchesney said...

So sorry Liz...that happened to me and now I am very diligent about backing up every night! Glad you are up and running...hope you can save your pics! :)

Michelle said...

Oh - this breaks my heart!! Hopefully they'll be recoverable!!

In the mean time, watch the sales for a great priced external hd and make sure to back up your files at least weekly!

I back up mine on an external hd and also on flickr (my back-ups are all private - only stuff that I'm blogging or wanting to share with the world are public) - and at $25 a year to have access to my high-resolutions files anywhere, that's great! There's several other online places where you can store your photos and/or documents for a yearly charge.

Picnic is also a good editing program while you're waiting to get photoshop back.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - let me know when you do try some oil/water or water drop shots and I'll be sure to check them out!


Kristy said...

love this macro!


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