Jan 18, 2011

Have Some Candy

So I am back. This is just a practice post. I downloaded elements 9 trail version, but I will be getting it for good soon. There is a Staples by me and they have them at a pretty fair price.
I had to make a new water mark as well. So Since before this all happened I did a remodel of my blog anyway hence the butterfly theme.. now my watermark is butterflied.
I still am working on how to get back all of my photos form the other computer. It is hard having to start all over but yes I am going to be more organized with saving them elsewhere. There is a free site I think called Drop Box. Other wise CDs are the name of my game.


Ashley Sisk said...

Practice post or not, I'm glad to see that everything is coming together. I like your new logo.

Michelle said...

Well, as long as you do something, it don't matter how you back your stuff up! :)

I remember making ribbon candy with my aunt growing up... thanks for the fun memory!

And I like your new blog header!

Liz said...

Thanks guys. I of course was inspired by Ashley. But I have wanted to change it for a while now. It seems less cluttered this way. And my watermark matches way better.

Amy said...

What kind of candy is that? Looks good!

Liz said...

It is old fashion ribbon candy.

Lisa said...

Very cool shots!

Erika B said...

Very cool candy! Love that second shot with the slightly vintage look.

Erika B

Visioplanet Photography said...

The third one is particularly lovely.

Jessaca said...

I Like how you changed things up on your header!!! Love this kind of candy during the Christmas Holidays when I was a kid. Loved how it was all wavey.
Have a good one!!!

Katie said...

I love ribbon candy!! ...not to eat, just to look at - it's so pretty!

Glad you're getting your computer stuff squared away...I know it's daunting, you'll get there soon! :)

Rebecca said...

I had a computer crisis too. It is all fixed now...$200 later. I keep my photos on an external drive and online so I wasn't too worried.
I do like your candy shots.

JennyRain said...

love these pictures! they reminded me of that little inch-worm scooter thing for kids. And your effects on all of your pics (today's included) are great!


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