Jan 7, 2011

Getting An Early Start

These are from my days adventures for Saturdays line up.
First up Macro Flower. This is SOCC. When I was editing, meaning sizing/ sharpening I noticed it looks like it is suspened in midair, cool.

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 3

Next up is my favorite challenge this time of year. I have never seen this type of orchid before. I am so glad I made this trip.

Bluberry craft and hobby time


Jessaca said...

Love the first one!!!

leavesnbloom said...

I love both of them - that purple colour is so vivid and it really does look like it's suspended in air.

Ewa said...

Liz, they both great, but I have to say that orchid looks amazing, another beautiful shot, and just to let you know your entry last week was one of my favourites (I changed the rules a little bit)

Katie said...

Liz, your orchid shot is stunning!!! I think it's my favorite shot of yours!!!

The little purple flower is awesome, too! I really like how the edges are darker and it does look to be floating in air! :)

And congrats on being a favorite last week!!

Kristy said...

Great macros!

Henrietta said...

I love orchilds, tey are so beautiful. Great shot.

Jessie said...

Such a great shot! I love that it is sooc - amazing!

Ray said...

I love your Flowers on Saturday photo- beautiful!

NatureFootstep said...

gorgeous macro flowers. :)

Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful shots! Isn't our God so creative??? :)


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