Jan 7, 2011

Garden Store Fun

Had the day off and just wanted to spend part of the day taking photos. I got a few new flower shots to share. But as I was wondering around the only flower center who lets you take pictures, I was being followed. By none other then the garden cat Tiger. He let me go about my business, but he had his eye on me. So when he seemed at ease with the situation , I snapped a couple of shots of him. Very photo- getic to say the leaste.

He ran away knowing that all was good in his neighborhood.



Katie said...

These are nice - I especially like the last one!!

BJ Roan said...

All are spectacular. The macro flower is amazing, but all are wonderful.

Marie said...

Tiger is very handsome! We have a local garden area that has a resident cat as a mascot also -- he's named Pumpkin because he showed up one Halloween :-)



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