Jan 23, 2011

Fixing The Noise.

I was hopping around and found this great tip for those of us who either don`t have time or the exact know how of how to reduce noise in a picture.

From PAPER HEART CAMERA she posted about this very thing. Go ahead and check it out.

Here is a perfect example of how well it works again for those time you are in a pinch.

I had taken this shot for macro Saturday and I cropped the original just to get this twig tip I thought was nice. But way to noisy. But with NOISEWARE COMMUNITY I was able to get around that problem.

From left to right    noise... no noise. cool huh?


lisa said...

What an amazing difference Liz!
Thank you for sharing this!!

Michelle said...

Yes, I love using Noiseware. Now, if only the free version could be "plugged into" pse8, that would be great!

Natalie said...

I have downloaded it and tried to use it several times with no luck. Each time I get it into the right folder and go to run it it says it needs a key which I don't understand since it is free? I have CS5...does anyone know what im doing wrong or maybe would share some step by steps of installation? THANKS!

Rebecca said...

Wow...and to think I paid $50 for a noiseware plugin. :( But then I can access it right from PSE8. :)


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