Jan 5, 2011

The Excitmernt of The New Year.

Just a quick note, I have had a lot going on these last couple of days. So if I have not stopped by and commented oh faithful followers, that is why.
I am so excited for this New Year all around. God is doing amazing things so far. Also I feel that I need to maybe not focus SO much on this, meaning not be on this blog day and night or to have it fill my days so to speak. Feeling rushed to post for the next days challenge. It is no ones fault but my own, the feeling of having to paricipate in EVERY challenge.
 So I guess what I am trying to say is if I do not get to your challenge do not feel bad. There are so many good one out there I just have a hard time finding the time and also my computer is not the fastest. Some one once said if it feels like work and not fun then maybe take a break.
I have to admit it has sometimes felt like that.
With that said............ I can`t wait for the days ahead and to share new captures. And to see new ones as well  from all of you fabulous photographers. I have really have enjoyed this new found hobbie.

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