Jan 1, 2011

Cat Nap

Sweet Emma taking a nap, just had to capture this.
Also I found an easier way to post my photos when I need to do it quick. All you do is up load from here, go to the HTML and put in your dimensions if you want an even larger photo then what blogger allows of their extra large. Now I won`t do it all the time but photobucket sometimes gives me trouble and I tried flicker but do not see on there where to size your pictures. So this is an easy way. Just knowing that from sizing your pictures and loading them from another site yes saves room from blogger but it is an easy fix for those time when you may be hurried like I always seem to be. Plus I like the ability to get to them fast if I choose to post one more then once.

And we can`t keep Rubbie out of the fun....

Any waysssss......... it has been a good relaxing start to the new year, am excited for all that God has instore for me.

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leavesnbloom said...

I always use photobucket to place my photos on the blog. I try resize my photos before they even get to photobucket but sometimes I just have not got the time in the html to fill in the height and width even though I know that my blog page will load even faster if I have those details included.

Liz,your cats are lovely - especially that one of Emma all curled up and looking so peaceful.


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